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*First entry*

Please Feel Free to join this community if you Love Charlize Theron. Let me start this by saying I am 100% straight and that I am not interest in Charlize Sexually or romantically. I just believe that she is the most beautiful and most talented Actress in hollywood. My obsession with her Started after I saw "The Cidar House Rules." I saw a few of her movies before I saw Cidar, but this is the one that caught my attention. I have been collecting ever since. All though I must admit that my Charlize collection is a lot smaller then my other two (Mudvayne and Ewan McGregor), but that doesn't mean she is any less important. I am so looking forward to seeing her new movies. I was QUITE bitter, when I found out thaT charlize was going to be filimg scenes from The Italian Job at Universal THE DAY AFTER Danny and I went there a few months back. I wanted to call out and go back, but I didn't. Anyway, PLEASE POST!
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